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•A fresh take on food storage; uniquely designed reusable beeswax food wraps that eliminate single use plastic and keep food fresh; from prepping meals and storing leftovers in the kitchen to packing lunches and snacks on the go, Bitterroot Buzz Bees has you covered; an easy, yet thoughtful gift for holidays, housewarmings, dinner parties and potlucks•Plastic free and silicone free; because good food deserves good care•A size for every occasion; Use your small wrap (8 inch x 8 inch) to store half a lemon or avocado, the end of a cucumber, a handful of cherries; medium (10 inch x 10inch) is great for cheese, baked goods, half a cabbage or grapefruit, covering a Mason jar or small bowl and packing snacks; large (12 inch x 12 inch) is ideal for covering a bowl or pie dish and wrapping big bunches of produce like leafy greens, asparagus and carrots

Wax Wrap (set of 3)

  • (1) 14X14  (1) 11X11  (1) 8X8

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