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Established 10 Frame Colony:

Hive kit includes:

(1) 10 Frame- Deep hive bodie

(1) Laying Queen from (From 2023)

(1) 5 frames of varies stages of brood/ remaining frames with honey & pollen

(1) Gallon Feeder

(1)Wood entrance reducer

(1)Bottom board

(1) Lid



$350 each


$175 Deposit Required to Secure a Colony

Does not include a card fee if paying online


Remaining balance of $175 Due at Pick Up

(Deposit goes towards the sale price)



10 Frame Established Colony


    We do not ship live honey bees, 


    at our Store Front

    407 Main St Stevensville, MT 59870

  • If you selected Cash/Check as your perferred payment, please use the address below. You'll have 7 Days to turn in your payment or your order will be canceled for non-payment. Any Questions you can visit our store or contact (406) 531-9969 Thank You!

    Mailing Address: 

    Bitterroot Buzz Bees LLC

    407 Main St Suite B

    Stevensville, MT 59870

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