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The Lyson mini-line offers the best features of other automatic lines in a unit sized and priced for sideline beekeepers. 

With the mini-line, it's all about efficiency and performance. A fully programmable controller (8 programs included), allows complete control over the entire process while a variable frequency drive ensures ultimate precision, with speed variance increments as little as 1%. Load and unload frames quickly with a frame cart and discharge rack that will hold a total of 40 frames.


  • Extraction cycle controlled by a top-of-the-line HE-03 automatic motor controller with 8 programs with seven steps, each with an adjustable start time and extractor speed
  • Speed control: variable frequency drive
  • 4.3" full color LCD display to access settings and monitor progress
  • Built in uncapper with feeder and water heated knives
  • Maximum extractor speed: 280 RPM
  • 7-10 minute typical extracting time

How it works: 

Frames are loaded into the uncapper, uncapped, and then moved onto the loading rails of the extractor. Wax cappings from the uncapper drop into a 220 lb./hr. extruder, which presses the honey out of the cappings and deposits compressed wax into a pail. This wax is ready to process.

Frames are then loaded into the 40 frame extractor using the loading cart. Empty frames from the last cycle are pushed out of the extractor as full frames are loaded in. 

Once loading is complete, the cover is closed and the extractor is started. Honey from the extractor and the extruder flow into a sump at floor level. Baffles separate the floating wax from the honey. A float valve controls an included pump that pumps the honey into barrels or bulk storage.


Complete Mini Extracting Line

Special Order- Please contact (406) 531-9969

    • Input power required: 240V, single phase, 25 amp (30 amp breaker recommended).
    • Motor power: 0.85 kW (1.14 HP)
    • Motor type: TEFC, 3 phase
    • Controller model: automatic control HE-03
    • Speed control: variable frequency drive
    • Maximum extractor speed: 280 RPM
    • Construction: stainless steel.

    System dimensions:

    Approximately 16 ft by 4.5 ft. Recommended building size (minimum): 11 ft by 22 ft plus additional space for honey tanks, pallet maneuvering, and storage.


    More Info:

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