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Lyson’s signature side-mounted crank makes their manual extractors, comfortable, effective, and efficient.

Perfect for beekeepers with only a few hives. This cost-friendly tangential extractor provides a low barrier to entry without sacrificing ease of extraction. 


  • Durable drum with basket
  • Clear acrylic cover: Watch the whole process!
  • High-quality plastic honey gate
  • Side-mounted crank 


  • Holds 2 deep, 4 medium or 4 shallow frames
  • Tangential extractor (Not sure what that means? Read down below!)
  • Check out our extractor comparison chart to find the extractor right for you! 
  • Does not contain legs and legs are unable to be added


  • 16" D x 29" H

Radial vs Tangential What is the Difference?


  • Frames are parallel with the center of the basket. Only the comb facing outward is extracted.
  • Frames must be flipped multiple times to extract both sides and to prevent blowouts where the comb breaks due to the weight of the honey.
  • Better for thicker honey as it's easier for honey to move perpendicular, than to move at a slight angle like that of the radial extractor.


  • Frames are arranged like spokes on a bicycle wheel, and both sides of every frame are extracted at once.
  • Frames don’t need to be flipped.


Lyson 4 Frame Minima Extractor

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