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This beginner friendly tangential honey extractor features a side-mounted handle providing greater comfort than other hand crank extractors without sacrificing efficiency. Made of high quality acid-resistant stainless steel, this machine will last for many years and works best for beekeepers with anywhere from one to a dozen hives. 

A unique cast steel worm gear drive allows the basket to freewheel when you stop cranking, without the handle spinning. The gearbox features a brake that is applied by gentle backwards pressure on the crank, similar to a cruiser bicycle, to slow the basket down when it is time to flip or remove the frames. The tangential extraction quickly removes honey from each side of the frame; just flip the frames mid-cycle to extract from the second side.

Lyson 4 Frame Manual Extractor

Contact us to order yours- (406) 531-9969 - Available for store pick up about 5-7 Days
  • Includes:

    • Drum with basket
    • Clear acrylic cover
    • Steel legs

    Notes on Materials and Use:

    • The drum with basket is constructed of polished 24 gauge 304 stainless steel
    • A rectangular stainless steel wire basket holds two or four frames
    • Honey is poured through a 1-1/4" stainless honey gate


    • 16" Diameter; 29" tall (without legs)
    • This extractor can hold 2 deep Langstroth frames (9-1/8"), 4 medium Langstroth frames (6- 1/4"), or 4 shallow Langstroth frames (5-3/8").


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