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The Three Storey HiveIQ Beehive Kit includes all of the components required to create a three-storey beehive, except for frames and foundation. This kit is supplied flat packed (unassembled) and includes:


2 x 9 Frame Full Depth Beehive Body 
1 x 9 Frame Medium Beehive Body
1 x 9 Frame Beehive Bottom Base 
       - 2 x NFC Tags
       - 1 x Stamped Floor Vent
       - 1 x Hive Entrance
       - 1 x Blanking Plate
1 x 9 Frame Beehive Top w/ Yellow Metal Top Cover
1 x 9 Frame Metal Queen Excluder
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Varroa Board



USA Hive Kit (Two Deeps, One Medium)

  • May 2nd-3rd ( SOLD OUT)

    Mid July- (20 Available)

    May 8th-9th (14 Left)

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