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Hive Butler Uncapping Tank uses two modified Hive Butler totes to make an easy to use uncapping system. It is constructed of food grade, heavy duty materials. A 1-1/2" honey gate in the lower tote allows honey to be drained. The upper tote has a large bottom opening with a screen to drain wax cappings. A frame with a screw through the topbar holds your work while slicing/scratching cappings from a honey frame. A solid lid is used to protect the honey/wax when taking a break or letting the cappings drain.

Hive Butler Uncapping Tank

Expected Mid June

    • One lower tote with honey gate hole
    • One upper tote with cappings hole
    • One wax cappings screen
    • One 1-1/2" honey gate
    • One solid tote lid
    • One modified medium wooden frame with stainless steel screw
    • Assembly required
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