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Want a rugged, bee-proof, weather-proof way to haul frames to and from your apiary - in the back of your truck or the front seat of your Prius? Tired of your honey frames making a mess as you carry them through the house to get to your extractor in the kitchen or basement? Need a bee-free spot to park some frames during inspections, or for storage?

The Hive Butler Storage and Transport Tote has got you covered. Securely store frames for transport or storage with the solid lid or use the vented lid for swarm catching or hive inspections. These food-grade, heavy duty totes are able to hold up to 10 Langstroth frames securely.


HB Storage and Transport Tote

Expected to arrive Mid June
    • One Hive Butler tote
    • One Hive Butler solid lid
    • One Hive Butler vented lid
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