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Get your bees ready for Spring with Global Patties 15% Pollen. This specially formulated pollen patty is designed to promote a faster build-up in your hive so that it's strong and ready for the honey flow. In the Spring, we recommend using a 15% pollen patty to ensure a rapid and healthy build-up of your bee population. If you start feeding your bees early, 4% pollen patty is sufficient to provide a steady build-up until natural pollen is available. Give your bees the nutrition they need to thrive with Global Patties 15% Pollen.

Pollen Patties 15% Pollen

  • Patties are approximately 1 pound per pattie-

    Pack of 2-    2 Lb 

    Pack of 10- 10 Lb

    Pack of 40- 40 Lb

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