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Formic Pro™ is the next generation of formic acid treatments and is used to treat hives with varroosis caused by the Varroa destructor mite in honey bees. Formic Pro™ has a longer shelf life than Mite Away Quick Strips and does not require special temperature restrictions for storage, though daytime temperatures must still be between 50° F to 84° F (10° C to 29° C) when used.

Formic Pro™ strips boast a high efficacy rate and are made from all-natural, raw materials that are safe for the bees and can be composted. They don't leave any residue in the honey and are safe to use during the honey flow. Just make sure to wear the recommended safety equipment for acid protection. Formic Pro™ strips don't require a spacer rim.

There are two treatment options:

  • 2 strips for 14 days
  • 1st strip for 10 days, remove and replace with 2nd strip for an additional 10 days

Each pack contains enough strips for two treatments. Store pails indoors in the original container and out of direct sunlight.

Formic Pro - Varroa Treatment - 2 Dose Treatment

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