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Introducing the HiveIQ Deep Beehive Body - a durable, lightweight, and innovative solution designed for optimal beekeeping experience. Moulded from high-density EPS, our beehive body boasts long-lasting, high fusion strength, maximum insulation, and a precision quality finish. The 360-degree plastic protective edge ensures optimal hive tool protection and enhanced pest prevention, making it an essential addition to any beekeeping setup.

The HiveIQ Beehive Body is compatible with standard deep Langstroth sized frames, offering seamless integration into your existing beekeeping equipment.

Deep Hive Body - 9 Frame

Pre-Order (Next Shipment arrives May 13th)
  • Included with the Hive Body:

    • 1 x High-density HiveIQ Deep Body Body (flat-packed as two side and end pieces)
    • 4 x End Profiles (two top and two bottom)
    • 4 x Side Profiles (two top and two bottom)
    • 8 x Corner Profiles (two top left and right, two bottom left and right)
    • 8 x 45mm Stainless Steel Screws for assembly
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