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Introducing our Carniolan 5 Frame Nuc, the perfect addition to any beekeeper's collection! With a newly mated laying queen bee, this nuc is available in both Italian and Carniolan varieties. You'll receive multiple frames of brood in various stages, as well as honey and pollen on the other frames, ensuring that your bees have everything they need to thrive. Our bees are healthy and ready to make their new home on your property, producing delicious honey for years to come. Order yours today and start your beekeeping journey!


Nuc Price- $220


To Reserve your nuc, there's a $55 Deposit Per Nuc that goes toward your total.

Remaing balance due at pick up. 


Cancallations: All orders are final! For any cancallations, DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE!!

Carniolan 5 Frame Nuc


    We do not ship live honey bees, PICK-UP ONLY  

    at our Store Front

    407 Main St Stevensville, MT 59870

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