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Bitterroot Buzz Bees does make house calls! Just give us a call and we will come out to your location to assess the health of your bees, and provide recommendations. Whether you are new to beekeeping and need some help in understanding the dynamics inside the hive, or your bees have not been serviced in quite some time, we will perform a hive check and provide the maintenance required. If you're interested, put on your bee suit, grab your hive tool and come along and enjoy beekeeping.  Whether you want to split a hive or need help with a routine hive inspection, we are here to help. Service area includes anywhere within Hamilton, Stevensville, LoLo, Missoula & Frenchtown. Most house calls start at $75 per visit. Anything over 10 miles from Stevensville is extra .50 per mile one-way.

Our Services

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