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Introducing our 10-Frame 9-5/8" Assembled Deep Hive Body, perfect for expanding your beekeeping operation. This deep hive body provides ample space for your bees to thrive and expand their colony. The 10-frame design allows for easy management and maintenance, while the 9-5/8" depth provides plenty of room for honey production. Made from high-quality, durable materials, this deep hive body is built to last through many seasons of beekeeping. With the convenience of it being pre-assembled, you can simply add it to your setup and start reaping the benefits of a thriving bee colony. Invest in the best for your bees with our 10-Frame 9-5/8" Assembled Deep Hive Body.

10- Frame 9-5/8" Body Hive

$25.98 Regular Price
$22.98Sale Price
  • Hive Width Compatible

    10-Frame Hive Depth

    Assembled & Unassembled Box's




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